Ikeda 24K Gold 9Gss MC Cartridge

    IKEDA 24K Gold Plated 9Gss MC cartridge         


Our team had spent a couple of years developing the 9Gss which stands as our new flagship model on top of the Ikeda KAI.  This newly developed cartridge will offer unbeatably superb sound reproduction ability of high and low frequencies with a precise and excellent balance.

The internal frame construction is made of the upper base (A) and the center pillar base (B) that are independently constructed and precisely assembled, instead of the usual construction of a single integrated design.  As for the center pillar base, a special anti-vibration alloy which has the highest ability and the most superior to the absorbability for vibration and noise is adopted, so that the outline and imaging of sound will become much clearer.

As for the upper base, the most strong and solid Titanium is precisely CNC machined from the block, then buffed and polished manually one by one.  Finally, the special process and final finish for 24K Gold plating of 5 microns thickness on top of Rhodium plating is applied.  In addition, the outer body covering the internal mechanism and components is cut out from solid aluminum, and then processed by a hard buffing manually one by one.  Then as a final process, the special surface treatment of the body with 24K Gold plated of 5 microns on top of silver plating is applied.  Thanks to this treatment, the sound will become brilliant, elegant and distinctive.  As for the stylus chip, it is made of a square diamond.  As for the magnet, the most up-to-date Neodymium is used.  As for the cantilever, a Boron which is superior to the transmission of oscillation is used.

We are proud that the Ikeda 9Gss attained all kinds of requirements and conditions for a phono cartridge as a sound reproduction tool, so that more elements not appeared on the specifications, for instance such as finer sounds hidden on vinyl disks, will be retrieved. We will spend as much time as possible to fabricate and to make a delicate alignment in order to draw the best performance and attractive sound.  Finally, we are wishing all of customers to enjoy an excellent performance and ability of our new flagship 9Gss.

                         (A)                       (B)



     @Electromagnetic Generator: Moving Coil (MC)
@Output Voltage: 0.3 mVrms (1kHz 35.4 mm/sec. at 45 peak)
@Coil Impedance: 3.0 ohms (1kHz)
@Appropriate Stylus Force: 2.0 grams } 0.1 grams
@Frequency ResponsRange: 10Hz ~ 45kHz
@Channel Separation: Over 30 dB (1kHz)
@Channel Balance: Within 1.0 dB (1kHz)
@Stylus Chip: Solid pure square diamond
@Cantilever: Made of pure Boron
@Weight: 14.0 grams
@Compliance: 10 x 10 -6cm/dyne
@Change of stylus: Change of generator unit including stylus coil
@Connecting terminal:
      Right channel: Hot --- Red <> Ground --- Green

      Left channel: Hot --- White <> Ground --- Blue

*  The total gross weight for the combination of 9Gss and 24K Gold@plated
     head-shell will be around 32.75 grams

*  The specifications may be changed for an improvement without notice.