New Ikeda 12乭 Long Tonearm:  IT-407SS (Stainless Steel)

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The stainless steel is known as having a high rigidity and lesser resonance.  In view of these characteristics,
we had started to develop a new Ikeda 12乭 Long tonearm: IT-407 made of stainless steel.  Outer parts and components of the tonearm are made of and covered with stainless steel, but inner rotation parts are made with brass and high quality bearings.  The inside of stainless steel pipe is constructed with a combination of Aluminum pipe (for whole part) and brass (for short part).   As for each contact point, these points are treated with bright rhodium plating and inner wires are made with a hybrid strand wire of 6N copper and 4N copper. 

The sound reproduced is highly stable especially in the low range so that IT-407SS will be able to reproduce clear sound accurately in each tone.  While playing, the fine height adjustment of tonearm is possible by the VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle) arm base - Model: IT-VTA-06 as a standard accessory attached to the tonearm.


       Model:  IT-407SS
  Type:  Dynamic balance.
  Length of Tonearm between Pivot and Center Spindle:  307 mm
  Overhang:  12 mm
  Range of adjustment of stylus pressure:  0 5 grams
  Appropriate weight of cartridge:  6 38.5 grams (inclusive of head-shell)
  Range of height adjustment:  20 60 mm
  Standard Accessories:  IT-VTA-06 (VTA Lifter), Head-shell, Tonearm cable

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